Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

A life of health, confidence and opportunity is the right of every child.

Corporations from every industry across India are helping us create a new generation of smiles.

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Partnering with Smile Train

Here at Smile Train, our corporate partners come to the table with a breadth of business experience: they are leaders in healthcare; makers of your favorite food and beverage brands; national retail giants; and civically-minded local businesses. As a like-minded group of entrepreneurs, CEOs and marketers, we are working together under one guiding principle: the first step toward achieving a happy and healthy life for every child begins with a smile. If your company believes in our bold vision that a better tomorrow is possible for every child born with a cleft, join us at the table!

Let’s change India one smile at a time.

We support our corporate partners in their desire to do well by doing good. Together, we work to support every partner’s business goals, creating customized campaigns that are engaging, measurable and built for long-term success. We lead with messaging that is on-brand and purpose-driven and share a stake in the success of each partnership; a successful campaign provides life-saving treatments for our patients and drives value to your business while promoting your purpose.

As a partner, you’ll receive regular communications throughout the year with programmatic updates, organizational achievements and stories from the field. We work collaboratively with our partners to structure and grow the partnership, investing shared resources in supporting our partnership goals.


You’re in Good Company

Our partners are creating smiles across India.

Why Partner with Smile Train?

Over the past 20 years we have transformed the lives of over 1.5 million children, and with your support we aim to double our reach, putting 3 million children on the path to a better future. Just as your support helps us achieve our mission, our team works to support yours by executing a marketing and PR plan around your investment - one that is structured to meet your business objectives with measurable results.

If you share our vision for a future where every child with a cleft has the opportunity to achieve a brighter tomorrow, learn more by clicking the button below.

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