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Medical Professionals

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Safety & Quality

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 transformed how medical providers care for patients. Smile Train has received a number of resources from experts at the WHO, WFSA, US Centers for Disease Control, and ASA, among many others, on medical best practices post-COVID. We are pleased to share them for your reference in case they can be helpful, though we leave it to you to determine which are useful for your context and how best to adapt them for your health systems.

Best Practice Resources

Smile Train partners must meet extremely high standards of cleft care. Our document and video library of Best Practice Resources can help you provide the safest, highest quality cleft surgery and comprehensive care services.

Smile Train Express

This free, secure, web-based patient database is accessible to Smile Train partners and available in seven languages. It currently hosts more than one million patient surgery records and thousands of nutrition, speech, and orthodontic patient records. The system empowers Smile Train partners to organize their comprehensive care services and research trends in their patient populations.

Medical Advisory Council

The India Medical Advisory Council (IMAC) is comprised of senior, eminent, and highly respected medical professionals with rich experience in cleft care. IMAC guides the formulation of all Smile Train India medical policies and how they are communicated to partner hospitals, and ensures they are complied with - in letter and in spirit. Apart from exercising overall superintendence and control over medical matters in the delivery of uniformly safe and quality cleft care for Smile Train patients, IMAC ensures consistency, excellence, and accountability across our work in India.

Meet the Medical Advisory Council

Education & Training

Virtual Surgery Simulator

Partnering with BioDigital Inc., we have created the world's first web-based, free, comprehensive cleft simulator, representing the next step in the evolution of training cleft professionals. While its content is primarily targeted towards surgeons, the anatomy sections also offer dynamic training for cleft speech therapists, dentists, and orthodontists.

Training Programs

As the global leader in cleft care, we are constantly developing and sharing a range of clinical training programs on comprehensive cleft care, surgery, anesthesia, and nursing.  Our goal is to leverage technology to make these programs widely accessible and readily available for local implementation.

Comprehensive Support

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Program Funding

Funds are available to support Smile Train partners in the areas of Education and Training, Cleft Awareness, Comprehensive Care, Medical Equipment, and more. 

Smile Train app

Mobile Speech Services

We have developed a free, interactive speech services app with stories, games, and songs for children with clefts. This fun app is available in English and encourages better speech outcomes by giving children a fun way to practice from the comfort of home. Learn more about Smile Train’s apps!

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Patient & Family Resources

We can help patients and their families learn about comprehensive cleft care needs.