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Women Who Lead

Meet some of the women at Smile Train who walk the talk

Smile Train India staff and partners smiling and holding up the International Womens' Day heart sign

No one doubts that women, who are typically considered as 'ruling the roast', can also 'rule the roost', and Smile Train has a treasure trove of real-life stories of our female colleagues and partners' exemplary leadership in building this institution!

This year, as a part of our International Women’s Month celebrations, we are spotlighting some of the pioneering women at Smile Train India who have made significant contributions to the organisation's growth and expansion in this region.

Renu Mehta smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Renu Mehta

Area Director – South Asia

Smile Train

My decision to join Smile Train was deeply rooted in my longstanding involvement in charitable endeavors, where I witnessed the hardships faced by those with clefts. This sparked a desire to contribute towards alleviating the impact of clefts on communities. When the opportunity came to join Smile Train, I embraced it wholeheartedly. Now, nearly two decades later, I take deep pride in what I do and the profound impact of our work on people’s lives.

Prod. Dr Seema Rekha smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Prod. Dr Seema Rekha

Plastic Surgeon

KGMT Hospital, Guwahati

As a plastic surgeon, witnessing the impact of surgical interventions on individuals with clefts influenced my decision to stay associated with Smile Train. Specialising in reconstructive surgery, I have seen how timely and quality care can restore not just physical appearance, but confidence and functionality. Smile Train gives me a platform to extend my skills not only regionally but globally, enabling me to make a tangible difference in countless lives.

Dr R Parvathi smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Dr R Parvathi

Prof and HOD

Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences

I have been associated with Smile Train since its inception phases in India. This long-standing association and experience has been fulfilling, involving not just delivering quality cleft care but also staying abreast of advancements in comprehensive treatment and ensuring high-quality services for those in need. Smile Train has made a significant impact on comprehensive cleft care.

Dr Bharti Khandelwal smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Dr Bharti Khandelwal

M.S., MCh (Plastic Surgery), D.N.B (Plastic Surgery)

Smile Train Project Director at Meera Nx Hospital

My association with Smile Train began 24 years ago, when they transformed my passion for cleft surgery into a drive to provide free cleft care to those who otherwise cannot afford it. Together with Smile Train, I have changed the lives of countless individuals, offering a brighter future to people with clefts.

Dr Anjali Saple smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Anjali Saple

Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Seven Hills Healthcare Private Limited

Because of Smile Train, I am able to touch the poorest child from the remotest hamlet and provide the same level of care as I would to any other child born to affording parents. This is what I call true “empowerment”, and this is all possible because of the relentless work being done by Smile Train over the years. What else I would want from my profession! 

Mamta Carroll smiling and holding up the International Women's Day heart sign

Mamta Carroll

Senior Vice President and Regional Director, Asia

Smile Train

I truly believe I have contributed to creating incremental awareness about one of the most vital and most neglected aspects of healthcare — cleft lip and palate. The exponential year-on-year rise of successful treatments from a few thousand when we commenced to 700,000+ today, the engagement and involvement of supporters and donors and consistent, exceptional quality standards, all of which we have built together over the last 24 years inspires me every day.

We salute each one of our incredible, inspiring women for their compassion, dedication, and association with Smile Train. As we aspire to grow further, we will continue to #InspireInclusion and celebrate the power of feminism within and outside Smile Train.