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Fostering Ajantha's Hopeful Smile

Ajantha with her aunt Avaranjitham and uncle Arivalagal

Ajanta's parents separated when she was just a baby. When her mother abandoned her due to her cleft, her paternal aunt, Avaranjitham and her husband, Arivalagal, decided to nurture and care for their niece. Her uncle, a security guard at Smile Train partner Meenakshi Hospital coordinated all the necessary treatments for Ajantha, ensuring that she received the care she needed to live a healthy life. Realising that the treatment would continue for few years and her father being a single parent won’t be able to bring her to the hospital every time, Arivalagal and Avaranjitham decided to foster baby Ajantha and make sure that there comes no gap in her treatment.

Ajantha’s foster home gave her a safe and caring environment which was missing in her life earlier. Apart from her treatment, she got love in abundance which supplemented in her right mental and physical growth. The community around also wholeheartedly accepted and embraced her.

Avaranjitham feeding Ajantha
Arivalagal petting a calf with Ajantha

Ajantha today is a lively and cheerful girl, radiating an infectious smile that captivates everyone she encounters. Ajantha's enthusiasm for learning and her aspiration to become a police officer serve as evidence to her unyielding willpower and spirit.

Ajantha writing after cleft surgery

“In the past few years, I have seen Smile Train’s support changing many lives forever and this time I have experienced it myself. We did not have to spend a single penny for Ajantha’s treatment. The money her father sends to us is saved for Ajantha’s future, we wish nothing but a bright and successful life for this little angel.” Says her uncle Arivalagal.

Ajantha's journey serves as a testament to the incredible impact that compassionate individuals and organizations like Smile Train can have on a child's life, igniting a spark that will undoubtedly brighten her path to a brighter future.

Ajantha smiling and holding a picture of herself before cleft surgery