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Arushi Aryan: The Rising Star from Jammu

A vocalist, an instrumentalist, a music composer already, and it would not be long before Arushi climbs up the ladder of success!

There are some who know what they want but can never accumulate the courage to do what they want, even at 30, but there are a few like Arushi, who dreams big at 17 and contests all challenges to find her fame in the world of music…

Arushi Aryam smiling after cleft surgery

Even while recalling the hurt caused by insensitive remarks and teasing from peers because of her cleft lip and palate, Arushi today, can smile gracefully. She doesn’t hesitate to admit that it was often hard for her to deal with the bullying she faced during her early school years. Entering adolescence, she had a rough time coping with appearance-related discriminations. Her school mates even belittled her by giving absurd names. The only thing that kept fuelling her was her parents’ love and support from the cleft team at Smile Train partner Amandeep Hospital, in Amritsar, Punjab where she was first brought as an infant for her cleft treatment.

Arushi and her mother smiling after her cleft surgery
Arushi smiling with a doctor after cleft surgery

Arushi doesn’t have the memory of her initial years when she underwent her lip surgery at the age of four months and palate surgery when she was just a year old. Har parents never hid the fact that she was born with a cleft, and she would have to undergo multiple medical procedures. By the time she physically and mentally prepared herself for her third surgery at 13, Arushi was determined to rise above her limitations and establish her identity as a true Cleft Warrior.

Arushi smiling after cleft surgery

“Despite my issues in swallowing, and speaking, I was a pampered child at home and my doctors were my actual cheerleaders. They saw the spark in me and constantly inspired me to pursue my passion in music,” said Arushi with gratitude in her voice. Composing music, learning new instruments, recording, and doing live performances keep her busy, apart from her studies.

Arushi also never went for speech therapy; for her, her music is the therapy, and she credits her music guru (teacher) for patiently helping her correct her pronunciation. However, she regularly visits Amandeep Hospital for her orthodontic treatment and has recently undergone rhinoplasty to modify the shape of her nose.

Arushi singing

Arushi believes that cleft lip and palate, despite being one of the most common facial birth differences, is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the society. Arushi encourages every person with a cleft to be bold, to love themselves and be strong to fight back. According to her, it is the attitude that makes the difference and right attitude comes with the right intervention at a right age.

Arushi’s journey is awe-inspiring, and we are lucky to support her and help her go closer to her dreams!

Dear Arushi, if you are reading this, you should know that we wish nothing but the best for you in life… Love from Smile Train India team!

Smile Train can provide life-changing cleft support for children like Arushi only because of the kind contributions of people like you.

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