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I am Yash Kunde, but everyone calls me Cheeko. I live in Pandroli, a small village near Nashik, with my parents. When I was born, everyone came to see me, you know why? Because I was born with a gap in my lip and no one had seen someone like that before!

When I was still in my mother’s womb, doctors had told her that I would be born with this gap in my lip. They said it was a “cleft”. But everyone in our village blamed my mother, that she had used a knife during an eclipse, because of which I was born like this.

But the doctors at the hospital where I was born, told my mother that I can be normal after a surgery. And they even told us where I can go for the treatment.

Smile Train India

I used to have problems while eating and breathing, so my parents did not waste time and took me to the hospital immediately. My father works as a laborer so he could not afford to pay for the surgery, and the support of the hospital and Smile Train was like God’s gift.

Smile Train India

Now, after my surgery, no one stares at me anymore. Everyone is smiling with me. They don’t say bad things to my parents or make fun of me anymore.

Smile Train India

I am already enjoying my life because I can laugh, play and eat all I want! My parents and grandmother are also very happy. I sometimes hear them talk at night, that they want me to join the army when I grow up, and protect our country. I will make their dream come true and keep them happy all their life

The article has been written using information shared by Yash’s parents. He received the surgery at Smile Train India partner Vedant Hospital, Nasik.

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