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While most people are excited and await the birth of their first child, we were anxious. We had already lost two children, one before birth and the other within 5 days of being born. We were praying that we would be blessed with a healthy child this time. But, yet again, we were shattered when we first saw Rhythm. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw Rhythm’s cleft was that we would lose her too.

For the first month, I can’t remember a single day when I didn’t cry over my baby’s condition. But, we were determined to help her live a healthy life. While browsing the internet, I learnt that cleft can be treated, but we could not afford the cost of surgery. Our neighbours then told us about Smile Train and directed us to a Smile Train centre. When we were told that Rhythm had a chance to lead a normal, happy childhood through a cleft reconstructive surgery, that too free of cost, I felt like somebody had given me a new lease of life.

Throughout the two-hour journey to Anandaloke Hospital, Siliguri; I was jittery and scared, due to all that we had gone through earlier. Losing two children had made Rhythm all the more precious. But, I was positive that she would get a chance at leading a normal childhood. When we reached the hospital, the care and warmth of the surgeon and staff, strengthened my belief and gave me reassurance that Rhythm was in safe hands.

Today, my daughter Rhythm has a beautiful smile and every time she smiles, our hearts are filled with joy — It's magical!

As told to Smile Train India by Roshini Pradhan, Rhythm’s mother. Rhythm was born with a cleft and underwent corrective surgery at Anandaloke Hospital, Siliguri.


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