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Can you imagine being shocked at seeing your first born? The much awaited day of the birth of our first child, turned into a nightmare for the entire family when we saw that Ayan was born with a cleft. We had never seen a child like this in our entire life and was certainly not something we were expecting.

The trauma did not end here. When we took Ayan home, my entire family and friends started to look down upon me, as if I’d given birth to a ‘devil’. The love and admiration, a newly born child should get, seemed to become a distant dream for Ayan.

With no support from our family and no knowledge about clefts, we felt helpless. There was nobody to guide us, nobody to provide any support. In fact, at that time, we were not even aware that the condition could be treated.

But, we did not lose hope. A local doctor told us that cleft is treatable. We could finally see a bright future for Ayan ahead, but there was another hurdle to cross — the cost of surgery. While we were trying to arrive at a solution, a local doctor came into our lives like an angel. He told us about Smile Train India’s partner Aabhari Plastic Surgery Centre and that the organization provides free surgeries to children with clefts. We felt like we’d won a lottery. We were ecstatic, and at that point, there was nothing more we could have asked for!

We are grateful to Dr. Sanjay Sheoran, the entire team at Aabhari Plastic Surgery Centre, and Smile Train India for gifting Ayan a new smile. After his surgery, we can’t even tell he had a cleft. It is nothing short of a miracle! Ayan can now lead a fulfilling life and would not have to hide within the four walls of the house. He can make friends, go to school and live a normal childhood!

As told to the Smile Train India team by Santosh, Ayan’s mother. Ayan was operated for a cleft lip and palate at Aabhari Plastic Surgery Centre, Hisar.

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