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I fell in love with my son the moment he was put in my arms. Even as a newborn, he seemed to gaze at me with twinkling eyes. I named him Gopal. Every time, I looked at Gopal, I was overwhelmed with a wave of love and sadness. My sweet little boy, Gopal was born with a cleft lip. My husband and I had nobody to turn to and we helplessly worried about the challenges and difficulties that Gopal would have to face with an untreated cleft.

As days went by, the worry in our hearts continued to grow on seeing Gopal struggle with feeding due to his cleft. But even during these tough times, it was Gopal’s twinkling eyes and joyous spirit which gave us strength. We did not have the means to get him treated but were determined to do what we could.

That’s when we learnt about the Smile Train cleft program at CHL Hospitals, Indore. At the hospital, Dr. Jaideep Chauhan explained to us what cleft lip was and how Gopal’s condition could be treated, that too free of cost! Though I was initially hesitant about the surgery, Dr. Jaideep’s assurance gave me confidence.

Smile Train India

My husband and I felt a mix of relief, happiness and excitement when we saw Gopal after his surgery. Now every time Gopal flashes his naughty smile, my heart is filled with unspeakable joy! A big thank you to Smile Train and Dr. Jaideep’s team who helped us, help our son. Their work truly benefits the lives of so many children and families like us.

No more struggle for our son. Our son has a bright future ahead of him!”.

As told to Smile Train team by Manju Bai, Gopal’s mother. Gopal was operated for cleft lip and palate at CHL- Apollo Hospitals, Indore.

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