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It has barely been a week since we lost our beloved partner surgeon, Dr. H.S. Adenwalla, who was an integral part of the Smile Train family. Today, 5th June, on his birth anniversary, we are paying a tribute to him by walking down memory lane! Numerous lives were touched by Dr. Adenwalla’s, and the treasure trove full of memories that he has left behind is unending as well as priceless. These recollections by the nursing and OT staff at Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur who were inspired by him say it all!

Dr Adenwalla

“When we remember Dr. Adenwalla, the picture that comes to our minds is of God’s Angel - one who comes to the hospital ward for rounds to make sure his patients are doing well. The parents of children with clefts, and the patients treated by him equate him to a God who made them smile. He always found time to converse with his patients and their families, and also gave financial and psychological support to those in need. To encourage and bond with his team, he used to host small parties on festivals and celebratory occasions - for his enthusiasm knew no bounds! He will always stay in our hearts.”

Sobha and Jolly, Staff Nurses, Female Surgical Ward

Dr Adenwalla

“Dr. Adenwalla came to this world with God’s own mind and hands. With his mind, he loved, cared, supported, and encouraged others. With his hands, he brought smiles on the faces of children with clefts, which in turn spread smiles on the faces of their families as well. For me Dr. Adenwalla was an angel who came to my life and inspired me to dream more, learn more, do more and become better.  He was a real leader who made the team better as a result of his presence and made sure that the impact lasts in his absence.

Friji Rajeev, Secretary to The Charles Pinto Centre

Dr Adenwalla

“If someone ever asks me - ‘Who Was Dr. Adenwalla?’ - I will describe him as a soul full of love, care, and compassion towards humanity, who set aside his life for serving others. During his younger years as a doctor in Kerala, he treated patients from early morning to late nights, and never denied treatment to any patient who had no money. His contribution towards cleft care is immense, for he helped children with cleft lips and palates stand confidently before the world with a smile. He was a simple human-being, who took very little from the world and gave a lot in return.”

Sister Annie Jos
OT - In charge


Dr Adenwalla

“Dr. Adenwalla affectionately called me “Mini Mouse”, and I will always remember him in my prayers."
‘I waited patiently for the Lord: And He inclined to me, And heard my cry. He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay. And set myself upon a rock. And established my steps.
Psalms 40:1,2’

Mini K J
Staff Nurse- Main Operation Theatre

Dr Adenwalla

“A smile is infectious - it spreads from one person to another so quickly! A simple smile is the best gift you can give a stranger, and I just want to thank Dr. Adenwalla for the thousands of smiles he has gifted.”
Rosa Babu,
Anaesthesia Technician


Dr Adenwalla

“Some people come into our lives and leave just as quickly, but Dr. Adenwalla came into our lives, stayed, and left footprints of memories on our hearts. Those we love never go away, they walk beside us every day.
Simi T T,
Staff Nurse- Main Operation Theatre

“His hands which signed God’s signature would now be known from the angelic smiles of babies. Our Sir lives on in their smiles. May he have everlasting life in heaven.”

Staff Nurse- SICU

 As shared by Nursing and OT staff at Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur

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