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When I recently learnt about Smile Train India, I was impressed by their mission to ensure that children born with clefts lead a healthy and productive life. As a gynaecologist, I understand how anxious mothers are regarding their children’s health and wellbeing and the emotions a mother would feel when she sees her newborn with a cleft.

The work that Smile Train is doing, to bring back smiles to these mother’s faces, touched my heart and I jumped at the opportunity see the program first-hand Smile Train partner hospital, Shushrusha Citizen’s Cooperative Hospital in Mumbai.

Ankita visits Smile Train programs in India

While speaking with a few parents at the hospital, I learnt how their journeys have been a roller coaster of emotions from disappointment and dejection to new hope and new smiles. Every journey was so similar, yet so unique. It was a very emotional experience for me!

Smile Train India

The relationship between a doctor and his patients, especially when it comes to children, cannot be explained in words. It gave me immense satisfaction to see Smile Train partner surgeon, Dr. Nitin Mokal, and his team, greet children with smiles and reassure their families that the transformation is sure to change their lives for better.

Dr. Nitin Mokal told me how proud he felt to be a part of the Smile Train family. It’s inspiring to know how he works tirelessly to bring new smiles to so many faces, and the bright futures that he helped create for many children over the years.

Smile Train India

Kudos to Smile Train India and the hospital team for their relentless efforts to help so many children born with clefts have second chances at life. I look forward to continuing my association with Smile Train India and being a #SmileMaker to many kids with clefts

Dr. Ankita Kaushal Kadam, a Smile Train supporter and lifestyle blogger recently visited Shushrusha Citizen’s Cooperative Hospital, a Smile Train India partner hospital in Mumbai.

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