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Panna Lal and his wife Aneeta Devi from Purwa Dehat village in Azamgarh lived a simple life. Panna Lal earned a modest income as a hawker and supported his family of four daughters. Though they were not well off, they were content for the most part. However, they had one constant worry — their second daughter Kiran. Kiran was born with a cleft lip and her parents were always apprehensive about her health and her future. This was a fair concern, as children with untreated clefts face difficulty in breathing, eating and speaking.

Seven years ago, when Kiran was born, the midwife had told them that Kiran could be cured only in Mumbai by getting an operation in a big hospital. As vendors who survived on a monthly income of Rs. 3500 per month, Panna Lal and Aneeta Devi knew that they could never get her cleft treated if this was the only solution.

After worrying for seven years, Panna Lal saw a poster about the Smile Train Cleft program at Sadruddin Memorial Hospital, Azamgarh and found the courage to travel 45 kilometers with Kiran, determined to provide a better future to his daughter.

Smile Train India

After the free surgery and care at Sadruddin Hospital, Panna Lal has high hopes for his daughter’s future. Kiran’s eyes smile as brightly as her mouth does, and there’s no stopping her from achieving all that she wants to.

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