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We recently conducted a training in cleft orthodontia for partner orthodontists from across India and Bangladesh. The training was conducted under the ‘Train in India’ initiative, which identifies gaps in the provision of cleft care and offers training to medical professionals from India and neighbouring countries such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The training was conducted at New Delhi by Dr. Puneet Batra, Senior Orthodontist and Smile Train partner doctor. Sharing a few snippets of our conversation with Dr. Batra and the other participants:

Dr. Puneet Batra"Cleft treatment is incomplete without orthodontics. Cleft patients require multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary care and orthodontists play an important role in taking care of children born with clefts, for a long period.

"Some reports suggest that approximately 30% of children born with clefts require orthodontic surgery."

— Dr. Puneet Batra, Sant Parmanand Hospital, New Delhi


Dr. Neetu Singh"The transformation and confidence that orthodontic treatment can bring in a cleft patient’s life is tremendous! After successful treatment, one cleft patient who was very conscious of her misaligned teeth and smile now wants to participate in a beauty pageant!

"It makes me happy to know that I could play a role in encouraging a child to follow her dreams."

— Dr. Neetu Singh, Dev Kamal Hospital & Research Centre, Ranchi


Dr. Abhinav Raj Gupta"During the training session, we learned various aspects of orthodontic cleft care such as making accurate impressions of the cleft and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various procedures.

"We also learned how to emphasize on building a cleft protocol and work as a team (with other medical professionals who provide cleft care) to deliver quality results."

— Dr. Abhinav Raj Gupta, G.S. Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital & Trauma Centre, Varanasi


Dr. Mohammad Ali Kawsar"I feel that Train in India is an excellent initiative which has further fuelled the continuous process of exchanging ideas and views and widening knowledge. As this initiative brings together medical practitioners from various disciplines and regions, within India and abroad, it is also giving us an opportunity to learn from one another. We all are a part of the same world and we need to work together to provide quality healthcare and serve mankind, without any barriers. With Train in India, that camaraderie has strengthened and we are here, together, to serve cleft patients across the world."

— Dr. Mohammad Ali Kawsar, TMSS Bogra, Bangladesh


As told to the Smile Train India team by the participants of the orthodontic training session held as a part of the ongoing Train in India initiative.

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