There Are Over One Million Cases Of Untreated Clefts In India.

Why Donate?

Every year about 35,000 children are born in India with cleft defects. Less than 50% of them receive the medical treatment because they are too poor to afford it.

A cleft defect can easily be corrected through surgery that costs as little as  Rs. 18,000. Left untreated, it devastates lives.

Your donation helps us provide TOTALLY FREE surgeries and give children with cleft defects a second chance at life.

A child who has his or her cleft repaired goes to school, learns a trade, gets a job, raises a family and becomes a productive member of society instead of being a burden.

Since 2000, Smile Train has performed over 450,000 free, safe and quality surgeries in India. But our job is far from done. There are over 10 lakh untreated cases of cleft defects in India.

Income Tax Exemption under 80(G)

Donations made to Smile Train India by India Taxpayers are exempt from tax under Section 80G(5) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

How You can Donate

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Indian residents require a PAN issued by the Income Tax Department to make a donation

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