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Smile Train India offers 100% free cleft surgery at over 180 treatment centres across South Asia. Please select a city or state from the drop down boxes on the left to see your nearest treatment centre. Alternatively, click on the map below the drop down boxes.

If you are a parent of a new-born child with a cleft lip or palate, or know one, please watch this video. It will answer many of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a cleft?

Nobody knows. Medical science has no definite answer to this. However, one thing is clear: it is no fault of the mother or the father!

What is the correct age to have cleft surgery?

In most cases cleft lip repair is done when the child is 3 to 6 months old, provided the child is fit for surgery. Cleft palate repair is done when the child is older- usually between 9 and 15 months but this can vary from child to child and surgeon to surgeon. It’s always best to consult a Smile Train surgeon and go by his/her advice.

What do I need to do while the child is waiting for surgery?

Please, regularly measure and record the child’s weight and share it with a paediatrician or your family doctor. This is very important because the child needs to become fit for surgery and weight gain is the most important (but not the only) indicator of progress.

Children can pick up chest infections easily. Keep the child away from potential sources of infection and if he or she develops one, take the child to a paediatrician immediately.

Keep the family’s spirits up. Looking at a child with a cleft can often cause emotional distress. Always remember it was no one’s fault and it will soon be fully corrected.

But most importantly, give the child all the love he or she deserves!

Feeding A Child With A Cleft Palate

A cleft palate can be fully corrected by a surgery. This instructional video shows how a mother should feed a child with a cleft palate to make them fit and strong for surgery.