Smile Train Partners With Local Hospitals To Provide Free Surgery.

Partnership Programs

Smile Train funds hundreds of partners and programs throughout India that help poor children receive treatment they could otherwise never afford.

Smile Train India offers Treatment Partnerships, and Education and Training Grants

Treatment Partnerships

We provide financial support to local partner hospitals and doctors for surgical treatment of clefts. This helps our partners reach those patients in their communities who would, otherwise, not be able to afford this life-changing surgery.

This is a long-term, open-ended relationship that requires the partner to commit to providing safe surgery and other treatments completely free to cleft-afflicted children.

It is imperative for the Partner to adhere to the ‘Smile Train Safety and Quality Improvement Protocol’.

Education and Training Grants

A key to Smile Train’s mission to empower local medical professionals is a commitment to education and training. Our funding ensures that our partners have access to first-rate educational opportunities, helping to improve proficiency, safety and quality of the care provided.

Smile Train’s Education and Training Grants are for doctors, hospitals and medical schools to develop and deliver advanced in-country cleft lip and palate teaching and education programs. These Grants are aimed at improving safety and quality of cleft care.

Awareness Grants

These grants help with creating awareness campaigns which educate people about clefts and the free cleft surgery programs available to them, reducing the stigma and helping thousands of patients access our partner hospitals.

Treatment Centers

Smile Train Treatment Centers in India

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