This Year Alone, Smile Train Will Perform Over 50,000 Surgeries In India.

South Asia Team

Mamtaa Carrol

Vice President and Regional Director

Mamtaa Carrol brings extensive experience in community social responsibility (CSR) and developmental communications. She has been a consultant to several CSR initiatives across industries/sectors including the Centre for Science and Environment, the United Nations, various conglomerates in the corporate sector and ad agencies. Her assignments have also included PR, event management, project management, environmental education, exhibition organization, outreach programs, healthcare awareness, and paralegal aid to underprivileged sections of society in the rural and semi-urban areas of India.

Having been associated with Smile Train for close to a decade, Mamtaa is an integral part of the organization and holds the cause very close to her heart.

Renu Mehta

Country Director - India

Renu Mehta brings diverse experience in the health and social development sectors. Prior to joining Smile Train she worked as a Program Manager with a European Charity - Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) at their South Asia Regional Office (North) where she was responsible for addressing the needs of the development sector by working on strategies, developing new partners, planning and budgeting yearly financial and training needs, execution of plans and implementation, monitoring, reporting, accounts and statistical analysis of their programs. Her responsibility also included program development with co-funding agencies such as LIONS / BMZ.

Having been associated with Smile Train for close to a decade, Renu’s efforts have been towards expanding the reach and depth of cleft programs.

Leela Imam

Director - Programs, South India

Leela Imam is a communications professional, with over a decade and a half of work experience in various industries. Before joining Smile Train, she was leading a PR Agency in Bangalore and has also worked as a Program Manager with the British Council on several projects in the Renewable Natural Resources Section of Environment Sector and Distance Learning section of the Education Sector.

After serving in the corporate world for over 15 years, Leela is determined to bring a smile on every child's face and expand Smile Train's footprint in South India.

Sanjana Sikri

Manager - Programs

Dr. Sanjana Sikri has a rich experience of over 19 years across a landscape of Public Health Programs and specializes in the care of HIV patients and patients with chronic medical illnesses. She was the Country Director for Indian Medical Association's GFATM-RNTCP PPM RCC Project. She was involved in editing TB related articles in JIMA (Journal of Indian Medical Association.) She has conducted research studies on sexual abuse of street children in shelter homes and the risk of transmission of HIV/STIs. As Lead Program Specialist with Pathfinder Health India, she designed the 'assisted dying program' for terminally ill cancer patients at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, along with 'Home Based Elderly Care' and 'Planned early discharge of post- op patients.' She also set up one of India's first 'Out Patient Care Program' for street and runaway children at New Delhi Railway station, inside GRP police station -- this program went on to become a demonstration site for FHI.

Sheila Koyyana

Manager - Programs

Sheila has about 22 years of experience working in the development sector in India, ranging from health, vocational and rehabilitation services and livelihoods. Her last assignment was with a program jointly funded by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and the National Dairy Development Board of India on developing a more pro-poor livestock policy in India. Her work comprised enhancing livelihoods of the resource poor, assisting in establishing and nurturing partnerships between grass root NGOs, government departments, research institutes as well as the private sector. Sheila is committed to strengthening Smile Train's work in the region.

Neeraj Bali

Director – Communications & Fundraising

Neeraj Bali comes to Smile Train with rich and diverse international experience of more than a-decade-and-a-half in media and communications. He has lived and worked across South Asia, Afghanistan, Liberia, South Sudan, Sudan and the UK. He has worked in leadership communication roles with the United Nations and USAID-funded programmes. An international-award-winning journalist, Neeraj has also worked with the BBC, NHK - Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Associated Press Radio, among other media outlets. His roles have seen him take on strategic communication, managing projects, outreach and advocacy, editorial leadership, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, crisis communication and media development.

Anjali Katoch

Director - Communications and Fund Development, India

Anjali Katoch is a development sector professional with a passion for working with the underprivileged. She brings to the table an eclectic mix of marketing, communications, resource mobilization and program management experience. Her past assignments include a European Children's charity and an Indian think tank organization. Anjali is married, has two children and lives in Delhi. She is committed to spreading the message of Smile Train across India. Anjali can be reached via email at

Mostafizur Rahman

Country Director – Bangladesh

Mostafizur has 25 years of solid professional working experience in humanitarian sector with substantial knowledge and skills in the areas of strategic planning, operational management, program implementation management, monitoring & reporting, training and capacity building, representation and networking with various stakeholders (donors, UN, Government, NGOs and Civil Society). Before joining Smile Train, Mr. Rahman had worked with reputed organizations like Save the Children and Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI). Mr. Rahman is married and a father of two sons. He can be reach by phone on +880-1715-016790 or via email at