Every Year, 35,000 Babies Are Born With Clefts In India

Cleft Births

Every year, close to 35,000 babies are born with cleft lips or palates in India. More than half do not receive any treatment because they do not know a cleft can be fully corrected or are too poor to travel to a hospital. There are over 10 lakh cases of untreated clefts in India. Most do not know that the problem can be solved by a simple surgery soon after birth, or they simply cannot afford it.

A Cleft is more of an economic problem than a medical one. Majority of untreated clefts are where poverty, illiteracy and misinformation are rampant, and access to medical resources is scarce. Widespread superstition along with social taboos compound the problem.

Watch this video for a glimpse into the life of a child with an unrepaired cleft:

The Shocking Truth!

  • 92% of patients' families cannot afford the cost of surgery
  • 30% of them are not aware that the condition can be corrected
  • 5% are afraid of surgery